Our Story

Gutokola hair products are made from the Gotukola plant, known for thousands of years for its unique medicinal properties. The Gotukola grows mainly in tropical regions and can be found in China, India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The roots and leaves of the Gotukola plant have been used in ancient Chinese and Asian medicine for thousands of years. They have been known to be highly effective in stimulating blood circulation, providing vitality and energy, and accelerating the natural regeneration of skin cells in the body and scalp. In local culture, eating Gotukola leaves strengthens and revitalizes the body and brain cells. In recent years, the plant has been combined with cosmetic products and hair products for its ability to renew skin cells and thus prevent hair loss. The company examined and tested the unique properties of the plant in the company's laboratories and developed a series of natural and quality hair products. The Gotukola plant is a natural source of the group of vitamins B and K, giving the hair a luster, elasticity, and caressing softness. The natural and natural plant ingredients in the hair preparations nourish and heal damaged hair from the root, treating burned edges, splitting, wrapping, and protecting the hair from the effects of the climate.
The result is spectacular, vivid, shiny, and especially healthy hair!