Gotu Kola Seeds

Gotu Kola Seeds

Centella Asiatica, often known as gotu kola, is a widespread perennial herb that may be found all over the globe, notably India, South Africa, Sri Lanka,  China,  Australia, Indonesia, and Japan. It has long been employed in conventional Chinese and Ayurvedic medical practices. 

Gotu kola, also referred to as the "plant of longevity," is thought to have a variety of possible health benefits, including the ability to heal wounds, purify the blood, reduce anxiety, and enhance cognitive function. The plant includes a number of triterpenoids, that are primarily responsible for the plant's medicinal properties. Good thing there is Gotu kola seeds that you can try.

Advantages of Gotu Kola Seeds For Your Health

Gotu kola seeds are a component of Ayurvedic medicine to regulate the three doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. It soothes Pitta, soothes Vata in the brain, and lessens excessive Kapha in the body. Among of the most well-known health advantages of gotu kola seeds are listed below:

Gotu Kola Seeds

Increases Mental Function

The effects of gotu kola seeds in enhancing mental function have been discovered in research including both human and animal subjects. For instance, a small 2016 report examined the benefits of folic acid (3 mg) and gotu kola extraction  (1,000 mg/750 mg daily) in enhancing brain abilities following a stroke. The cognitive domain were discovered to benefit more from gotu kola than other supplements.

Gotu Kola Seeds

Gotu kola seeds are thought to be beneficial in curing Alzheimer's disease because of its ability to improve nerve function and memory.

Varicose Veins Are Treated

Gotu kola seeds might be used to cure venous insufficiency and varicose veins, according to various research. In one research, subjects who took 60 milligrams of gotu kola's triterpenic fraction twice daily for eight weeks saw changes in the condition of their veins, notably lessening of inflammation and pain. 

Another research reveals that Gotu kola seeds extracts can cure diabetic microangiopathy by enhancing vein activity. These investigations were carried out in the early 2000s, thus more recent study is required.

Alleviates Depression, Anxiety, And Stress

It's also claimed that Gotu kola seeds can help people feel less anxious. Numerous research have validated Gotu kola's ability to reduce anxiety. Patients in a research who consumed Gotu kola for 60 days instead of their antidepressant medication experienced less anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Another analysis revealed that gotu kola reduced anxiety in rats after a 72-hour sleep deprivation. Nevertheless, more extensive research is required to support these conclusions about Gotu kola seeds.

Aids in The Healing of Wounds

Certain research supports the use of Gotu kola seeds for burn treatment and wound healing because it appears to boost collagen formation. A 2015 report on rats discovered that Gotu kola wound dressing is efficient in treating a variety of wound forms, namely clean cuts, uneven tears, and contaminated tissue. 

Nevertheless, the majority of the research that back up this Gotu kola seeds health advantage used lab-made synthetic wounds or has been performed on animals. This indicates that there isn't enough solid scientific evidence about Gotu kola seeds to back up its application to people.

Lessen the Presence of Stretch Marks

According to some research, the terpenoids in gotu kola can assist the body to produce more collagen, which could help avoid the development of new stretch marks and lessen the visibility of current ones. To be safe, it is suggested to perform a skin test prior to applying any topical treatment.

Alleviates Insomnia

Another natural treatment for insomnia which can occasionally accompany stress, anxiety, and depression is the properties of Gotu kola seeds. Advocates of this ayurvedic medicines believe it to be a safer option than pharmaceutical drugs for treating insomnia and other sleep problems. However, get medical advice before using this plant.

Decreases Chances of Getting A Diseases

The strong antioxidant properties of Gotu kola were believed to benefit the immune response and reduce the likelihood of illness. Also present in Gotu kola is Asiatic acid, which has been shown to decrease cell development and promote apoptosis in a variety of cancer cell types, particularly skin, liver, brain, breast, and gastrointestinal tumor cells.

Arthritis Treatment

Given that Gotu kola is recognized to have anti-inflammatory qualities, it might be able to treat arthritis or reduce joint discomfort. A 2014 report on rats with collagen-induced arthritis found that oral treatment of Gotu kola decreased cartilage erosion, joint inflammation,  and bone erosion.

Symptoms and Dangers

With only a few reported negative impacts, including upset stomach, headaches, and tiredness, Gotu kola seeds are typically thought to be safe to consume. Hence, to lower the risk of adverse effects, it is recommended that you begin with a modest quantity and slowly build to a full dose. It would be advisable to steer clear of Gotu kola pills if you have liver illness. It is so that liver damage from prolonged usage of the plant, which is processed by the liver, can be avoided.

Gotu kola's sedative properties can cause excessive tiredness when combined with sedatives such as Ambien, Donnatal, Ativan, and Klonopin. Due to the lack of studies on Gotu kola's health advantages and drawbacks, it is advised for kids, expectant women, and breastfeeding moms to stay away from Gotu kola pills. Additionally, there is a chance that Gotu kola may react with over-the-counter or pharmaceutical pills.

Gotu kola may irritate some people's skin if used topically. Therefore, whether using creams or lotions with Gotu kola extraction, constantly perform a skin test. Use Gotu kola that has been cut or juiced right away because it can easily turn black and oxidize.

Try To Grow Your Own Gotu Kola Plant

Gotu kola is one of the numerous plants and superfoods that thrive in a variety of temperate temperatures all around the globe. Depending on location, Gotu kola seeds work well in a plant pot that is brought indoors during the winter weather even though it normally prefers direct sun with some moderate protection and humid temperatures. 

Others personally enjoy cultivating Gotu kola, in addition to moringa, goji, tulsi, and numerous other plants that are tolerant of changes in temperature. 

Take Away

It is essential to seek a doctor's advice before using Gotu kola seeds because there is little evidence to back up the promises that producers make about these medicinal herbs. Gotu kola should not be consumed or applied topically if you experience any odd negative effects; instead, stop using it and consult a physician. You may also use the Gotu kola seeds or other types of products that have Gotu kola. Try GotuKola hair products to experience the wonder of Gotu kola seeds and other plant characteristics and see for yourself how it can improve your hair. Visit GotuKola now!

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