Why Experts Use Gotu Kola For Hair Loss?

Why Experts Use Gotu Kola For Hair Loss?

Even though Gotu kola is a less well-known herb, it has already been applied for hundreds of years in Japan, China, India, South Africa, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. People used it in antiquity to cure leprosy and psoriasis, clear the mind, and promote healing. Individuals first used it to cure varicose veins in recent years, but it is now well known as Gotu kola for hair loss!

Advantages of Gotu Kola For Hair Loss

The Gotu kola plant and oil are widespread known among users with natural hair. Known for its medicinal properties, it is known that Gotu kola for hair loss is effective. Including it in the hair products routine can assist with hair loss due to its numerous therapeutic characteristics, but it also stimulates hair for thicker hair.

Why Experts Use Gotu Kola For Hair Loss?

Stops Hair Loss

Given that Gotu kola for hair loss was used to cure varicose veins, it stands to reason that it could also cure scalp veins. The hair follicle may receive more nutrition whenever the veins are reinforced, which might accelerate hair development! The oxygenation aids in the improvement of the starved cells and hair follicles once the scalp and follicles obtain the proper blood circulation.

Intensifies Hair Growth

The fact that Gotu Kola for hair loss aids in fine hair development is among the numerous reasons people are drawn to this natural substance. The follicles recover with enhanced blood flow and oxygenation to the scalp. In addition to preventing hair loss, this promotes quicker hair growth in the intact follicles.

Conditioning Hair Strands

Additionally, Gotu kola for hair loss has a variety of nutrients that assist your hair's strands stay hydrated and firm. Gotu kola can reinforce your hair and give you hydration that is trapped in if you have dry damaged hair.

Enhances Natural Shine

Gotu kola is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a product that can enhance your hair's natural sheen. Thanks to the minerals and vitamins, your natural hair will acquire the luster you've been searching for.

Uses for Gotu Kola

You can consume Gotu kola for hair loss as a powdered, fluid extract, pill, or beverage. You may buy these from nearby health shops and online, but you should be confident that they have undergone the necessary testing. Many low-quality, defective items are out there, so ensure a third-party vetting firm has thoroughly examined them.

We advise buying an oil that you can rub into your scalp if you want to reap the maximum advantages from this plant. After waiting 30 minutes, use your regular shampoo to rinse.

Is Side Effects Possible?

To ensure no drug interactions with your existing prescriptions before taking any pills, we recommend speaking to your physician first. If taken orally, Gotu kola might make you extremely sleepy and can lead to complications for those with liver illness. Avoiding Gotu kola if you use any of the following drugs is advised:

  • Ativan
  • Aldomet
  • Ambien
  • Cordarone
  • Dilantin
  • Zocor
  • Tylenol
  • Klonopin
  • Other sleep medications

We advise you to treat it topically due to the adverse consequences you can consume. You may get skin irritants like rashes, itching, and burning when using oil on your body, but this is much less likely than when you consume it.

How to Pick, Prepare, and Store Gotu Kola

Numerous Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Malaysian recipes contain Gotu kola as a significant component. It smells somewhat of hay and has a peculiar bitter and sweet taste. Perhaps one of Sri Lanka's best-known meals, Gotu kola sambol, which blends crushed Gotu kola for hair loss leaves plus chili, shallots, grated coconut, and lime juice, features Gotu kola as a critical component.

Additionally, it is used to prepare Indian curries,  Vietnamese veggie rolls, and pegaga, a Malaysian salad. To make the popular Gotu Kola Vietnamese drink, pure Gotu kola may also be pumped and combined with sugar and water.

Freshly Picked Gotu Kola

Apart from specialized ethnic supermarkets, locating fresh Gotu kola in the United States can be challenging. The lily pad-shaped leaflets must have a bright green hue with no flaws or discoloration when they are acquired. The delicious stems resemble cilantro and can be eaten.

If your fridge is overly cold, fresh Gotu kola for hair loss will rapidly turn black because it is temperature-sensitive. The plants can be put in a bottle of water, covered with a Ziploc bag, and stored in the refrigerator if not needed. It's how fresh Gotu kola can stay for up to one week.

Supplements With Gotu Kola

Most health food shops and establishments that focus on natural remedies sell Gotu kola pills. You can consume Gotu kola for hair loss as a beverage, tablet, granule, or capsule. There are Gotu Kola ointments for treating burns and other skin issues.

Potential Negative Impact

Despite Gotu kola's uncommon adverse effects, some users report experiencing headaches, tiredness, and upset stomach. Since Gotu kola may make you more sensitive to the sunlight, it's crucial to minimize your daily moment in the limelight and apply sunscreen whenever possible.


The liver breaks down Gotu kola. It is advised to stay away from Gotu kola pills if you have a liver illness to avoid additional harm or damage. Additionally, prolonged use can result in liver damage. Because of a lack of research, the Gotu kola pills cannot be taken by kids, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers.

Nutritional Content

In the regions of Southeast Asia Gotu kola is used both as a meal and medicine. Gotu kola, a plant related to parsley, is the best source for the minerals and vitamins required to sustain a healthy life.

Intaking Gotu Kola with the quantity of 100 grams gives the necessary nutrients and satisfies the corresponding dietary recommendations intake (RDI) requirements, based on a study in the International Food Research Journal:

442 micrograms of vitamin A (49% RDI)
0.19 milligrams of vitamin B2 (9% RDI)
48.5 milligrams of vitamin C (81% RDI)
171 milligrams of calcium (17% RDI)
391 milligrams of potassium (11% RDI)
5.6 milligrams of iron (31% RDI

Additionally, Gotu kola provides 5% RDI for men and 8% RDI for women in terms of dietary fiber.


Gotu Kola comes in a variety of nutrients and benefits for everyone. If you are experiencing hair loss, don't fret, as Gotu kola for hair loss is best and guaranteed effective. If you want to try Gotu kola, you may shop at GotuKola, as they have several hair care products.

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