Dry Colored And Damaged Hair Shampoo 500 ml

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Gotukola's non-salted shampoo contains the essence of the gothocola plant, a natural source of the vitamin B and K group for the renewal of hair cells. The gothocola shampoo contains ingredients for softening and nourishing that wrap the hair in a protective layer. Sealed and severed tip seals contain active hair and scalp cleansers that help to balance the PH level in the hair and help prevent hair color deterioration. In addition, the gothocola shampoo contains a natural vitamin E that effectively assists hair health and a UV filter that prevents serious damage to the natural moisture of the hair.
This unique formula of the gothocola shampoo was developed in the company's laboratories, with an emphasis on preventive and rehabilitative treatment of the hair problems caused by the Mediterranean climate conditions.

Result: The gothocola shampoo regenerates and revitalizes hair and gives it volume, flexibility and incredible softness.